Jdm 3" Quick Air Flow Intake Turbonator Twin Fan Gas/Fuel Saving Unit For Toyota

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  • 100% Brand New Items, Never Used Or Installed
  • This JDM Intake Fuel Saver features "Dual Fan" system which rotates up to Maximum Speed of 55,000 RPM
  • Light weight aluminum design helps cooler air flows to the engine and more dynamic control over the aftermarket intake system.
  • It is a great accessory for any car which wants to gain up to 3-6 HP with up to 6% better mileage
  • The Fuel Saver is designed to improve your vehicle’s air intake system by creating a more efficient airflow path throughout the intake hose
  • As air travels through an intake it bounces around bends and elbows in the hose causing it to slow down pinning air can be less susceptible to these abrupt changes in direction
  • Diameter: 3.0" (Length) x 3.0" (Height) Inlet/Outlet with Dual Fans


  • Universal Fitment for Stock , Short Ram Intake or Cold Air Intake system